What we Serve?

Cross-Cultural Training Seminars

A large-scale training seminar designed to enhance cross-cultural communication skills for both Japanese and non-Japanese employees. We teach non-Japanese employees how to effectively work with Japanese clients and colleagues and vice versa for Japanese employees. Ideal for special corporate events.

Business Japanese Communication Training for Professionals

A specialized training program tailored for English-speaking professionals to improve their Japanese communication skills in a business setting, fostering better understanding and collaboration with Japanese clients and colleagues.

Executive Coaching Program

A personalized coaching program for top executives to refine leadership skills and cross-cultural management abilities, guiding them toward success in U.S. – Japan business endeavors.

Business English Communication Training for Japanese Professionals

A comprehensive training program aimed at improving cross-cultural communication skills and empowering employees to excel in international business leadership. Our flagship service combines cross-cultural communication with English communication, boosting competitiveness in the global business environment for small groups of 3 to 8 employees.