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Crossing Borders: English Language and Business & Cultural Manners

Navigating cultural and language barriers can be challenging for business professionals coming from Japan. That’s why we offer customized lessons designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. BJT’s Crossing Borders program focuses on helping individuals bridge the gap between Japanese and American business cultures through a combination of English language instruction and cultural training. Our English language lessons cover everyday work-related topics, helping students to clarify any questions they may have in their professional lives. In addition, we offer cultural lessons that aim to promote effective communication between Japanese-speaking and English-speaking employees.  

Crossing Borders: Japanese Language and Business & Cultural Manners

At Boston Japanese Trainers, we understand the importance of effective communication and cultural understanding in today’s global business environment. That’s why we offer our Crossing Borders program, designed to help non-Japanese employees working alongside Japanese expats or those planning to work in Japan strengthen their communication and business culture skills. We find that working on both sides of the language and cultural divide allows us to help everyone communicate more effectively and understand one another better. Our team of bilingual professionals are experienced in explaining complex Japanese concepts in intuitive and easily understandable ways, helping non-Japanese students expand their perspectives and improve their communication skills.  

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If you’re interested in learning more about our Crossing Borders program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Services for Individual Clients

Japanese Conversation Lessons

Curated around your unique goals, these lessons will be customized to help you achieve the results you want at a pace that fits your schedule.

[Example lesson options for non-Japanese clients]

Do you like anime, J-pop, Japanese food, martial arts, or are you interested in any other aspect of Japanese culture? Our tutors have diverse backgrounds in Japanese language and culture, and are able to help you achieve any of your goals.  Some examples that we can help with are:

  • Introducing yourself politely in Japanese
  • Ordering food in a Japanese restaurant
  • Speaking practice for your Japanese class
  • Understanding the differences in dialect between Tokyo and Kyoto
  • Keeping up with your favorite anime (no subtitles required!)
  • Holding a conversation about current events with a native Japanese speaker
  • Preparing for the JLPT exam (N5-N3)

Lesson Fees

  One lesson            $60/hr

*Textbooks fees are not included
*In special cases where more time is needed to prepare for a lesson, additional fees for  preparation time may be required


If you’re interested in registering for our Japanese Conversation Lessons, please contact us! Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and work to understand your language goals. From there we can find the schedule and program best suited to you!

Japanese Cultural Classes

Join our live, interactive online origami classes! Origami is a Japanese ancient art that has been applied in medicine, architecture, and even engineering. Studies show that practicing origami has many health benefits, both mental and physical. The act of transforming a flat piece of paper into a beautiful 3D creation helps us flex our spatial awareness, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, and sequencing muscles which boosts brain health.  Origami also has many therapeutic applications due to the calming, almost meditative act of folding papers.  Similar to puzzles and coloring books, origami requires concentration, focus, and repetition in order to create a finished product.  

Online Homework Lab

Homework help for elementary school to high school kids. Our instructors at BJT know what it’s like to not understand something.  Let us be your study buddy and work through those difficult homework questions together!  Scheduling is flexible, allowing you to get help when you need it.

Japanese Book Club

We know it can be tough to stay focused and improve from the intermediate Japanese level.  Reading is one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary and grammar patterns; but it can be challenging to choose the right book or to stay motivated while struggling to understand new words and concepts.  So join BJT alongside a small group of other students who want to take on the challenge of reading native Japanese material.  This could range from short stories, full novels, business literature, newspaper articles, even light novels!

Reading native material will expose you to new vocabulary and grammar as well as varied styles of speaking and writing in context.  This contextual learning not only helps you to better retain new information, but also offers unique cultural insights.  Having a few Japanese best sellers under your belt also makes for great conversation starters when networking or in language exchange groups.

Japanese Book Club is a small group class where everyone focuses on reading one book through completion.  The group will meet regularly to review assigned chapters and reflections on content; review vocabulary and grammar; as well as important supplementary cultural notes. 


Getting Started

Step 1: Contact Us
Reach out to us via the contact form on our website( 
Step2: Free Consultation with a BJT Team Member
After submitting the contact form, a BJT team member will be in touch with you within 1-3 business days to schedule a free consultation meeting. During this meeting we will work together to figure out your specific goals!
Step 3: Tutor Introduction Session
BJT has a number of experienced tutors who have diverse experience and skill sets. Based on the information we review during your consultation, we will match you with one of our tutors. You, a BJT staff member, and your tutor will conduct a 3-way Zoom meeting introduction session. During the introduction session, we will discuss logistic details such as lesson schedule and frequency, what materials will be used, and which platform works best for the students.  Once we figure out the details, you can get started with your first lesson!

Prepping for your online lesson

We conduct online lessons using video call platforms like Skype and Zoom.  Within these applications we utilize tools like the “screen share feature”  as well as alternative digital tools such as online whiteboard and Google Doc. 


We are currently accepting payment by credit card only

Payments are processed through Stripe.
※We can accept payments from the following cards:  VISA/Master/JCB/AMEX/Diners/Apple Pay

We are currently accepting payment by credit card only

Lesson fees are grouped together to allow for payments to be made in one upfront monthly sum.  Payments should be submitted one month in advance of scheduled lessons.  If lessons are missed or cancelled with the appropriate notice, the fees for those lessons will roll over into the following month as credit.  

Payment for multiple months can also be combined together into one upfront payment.  In this case, payment for lessons will look like this: Submit a payment which will be credited to your Tutor Cruncher account, in this example we’ll say you submit a $3000.00 payment. As you take lessons, the payment for those lessons is pulled out of your $3000.00 account balance.  Once the $3000.00 balance has been completely used up, you can recharge the credit again.
For clients with questions about purchasing classes in bulk, or needing a specialized invoice, please contact us at to provide the details of your request.Please reach out to us any time if you have questions regarding the payment process, credit, or refunds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is it possible to skip a lesson? (Due to vacation, etc.)

A Absolutely!  Just reach out and let us know by either contacting your tutor directly or emailing us at

Q How long are lessons?

A Online lessons start at 30 minutes, and in person lessons start at one hour.。

Q How do I cancel a lesson?

A If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact your instructor at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson time.  Full lesson fees will be charged if cancellation notice is not received at least 24 hours in advance.

Q Is it possible to change instructors if the teaching style isn’t right for me?

A Of course! We want your instructor to be the perfect fit, so if you feel like you need a change just contact us at so that we can match you with a new instructor and get you back on track.

Q How can I share my materials if I need help with homework?

A You can take a picture with your smartphone or any other photo taking device and share it with your instructor through email, a shared Google Doc, or any other electronic submission method.

Q How is the lesson schedule decided?

A This is coordinated directly with your instructor through email or text messages.

Q My company is providing financial assistance for lessons and tutoring, is it possible to get an invoice/receipt?

A We send out a receipt after every monthly payment is received.