About Us

About Us

Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT) works to promote collaboration and understanding between the U.S. and Japan within a global context. In this multicultural world, cross-cultural awareness is crucial. 

For corporate clients, BJT offers training for Japanese and non-Japanese employees aimed at helping develop skills for business communication and interaction.  These skills can provide a wider perspective and encourage a more collaborative work environment.  We also offer group and individual language training, and organize guest-speaker lectures given by experienced professionals with careers spanning these regions of the world.

For individual clients, we offer Japanese language and cultural lessons. Our goal is to increase interest in Japan and inspire more people to travel to Japan and learn the Japanese language.

We are located here in Boston; however we are able to support our clients worldwide, both in person and via online video conferencing. 

BJT Team

Founder : Aya

10-14 years old
Aya moved with her family to Detroit, Michigan where her mother received a local job offer.  While there she attended an American high school on the weekdays and a Japanese supplementary school on Saturdays.  At that time, she didn’t even know the english alphabet, so she was truly starting her English journey from absolute zero.

14-18 years old
Moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where she continued to grapple with the English language while attending the local high school; graduating as salutatorian.

18-22 years old
Attended Kalamazoo College with a Merit-Based Full Ride Scholarship where she majored in both Biology and Psychology.  Aya graduated at the top of her class in both departments.

22-25 years old
Spent time working as a research assistant at MGH and Harvard Medical School.

Moved to Boston and founded Boston Japanese Trainers in order to support others, like herself,  struggling with adjusting to life in the U.S.

Loves cats and is a foodie; also likes making fermented food.

Marketing Manager : Az

Graduated from Meiji University in Japan, where she double majored in Psychology and Economics.

Worked as a corporate sales coordinator at Panasonic and now works for Misumi, a B2B e-commerce company, as a web marketing designer.  

Moved to Boston with her family. Inspired by Aya’s vision of supporting Japanese families struggling with adjusting their lives in the US, Az decided to join the BJT team. Az also works as a Research Assistant at Harvard Business School.

Loves Spanish culture and enjoys dancing flamenco.