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Our expertise empowers Americans and U.S.-based professionals working with Japanese colleagues and clients, helping them overcome relationship and communication challenges caused by cultural differences.

About Boston Japanese Trainers

Boston Japanese Trainers is dedicated to helping American companies, individuals, and families master the Japanese language and culture. Our expert native and bilingual English-Japanese instructors provide personalized services tailored to our client’s needs.

We offer cross-cultural training for corporate clients, equipping employees with Japanese language skills and an understanding of Japanese business culture. Our practical courses for professionals cover business conversation and presentation skills, while our tutoring services support children’s education.

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Explore all Boston Japanese Trainers Services

Explore all Boston Japanese Trainers Services

What sets BJT apart

Comprehensive support

We offer a wide range of support for your professional life, including cross-cultural communication training and Japanese language lessons. We understand that our clients have busy schedules, so we can offer flexible training hours to accommodate those residing in the US and Japan.

Bilingual Instructors well-versed in both Japanese and American cultures

Our bilingual instructors have a deep understanding of both Japanese and American cultures, allowing clients to ask questions and communicate their needs in their preferred language. This ensures a more comfortable and effective learning experience.

Practical methods based on experience

Drawing from their personal experiences in navigating the challenges between Japanese and American cultures, our instructors offer practical and effective strategies to bridge cultural gaps and foster better communication.

BJT Evolves with Clients’ Needs and Feedback

At BJT, we believe in continuous improvement and adapting to the ever-changing needs of our clients. We actively seek feedback from our clients and use it to enhance our training programs and support services. By constantly refining our offerings based on real-life experiences and insights, we ensure that our clients receive the most relevant and effective training possible.

our Services

Cross-Cultural Training Seminars

A large-scale training seminar designed to enhance cross-cultural communication skills for both Japanese and non-Japanese employees. We teach non-Japanese employees how to effectively work with Japanese clients and colleagues and vice versa for Japanese employees. Ideal for special corporate events.

Business English Communication Training for Japanese Professionals

A comprehensive training program aimed at improving cross-cultural communication skills and empowering employees to excel in international business leadership. Our flagship service combines cross-cultural communication with English communication, boosting competitiveness in the global business environment for small groups of 3 to 8 employees.

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