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Hello! We are Boston Japanese Trainers

Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT) works to promote U.S. – Japan collaboration and understanding in a global context.

We believe learning the language, culture, and business manners of another country is vital for personal and professional growth. Our team of experienced trainers provides employees, families, and individuals with the best possible opportunities to learn Japanese and English.

We create a custom roadmap tailored to each student’s unique strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Our goal is to empower our students to succeed in their personal and professional lives through a comprehensive understanding of language and culture. 

Why Boston Japanese Trainers?

 Exceptional Japanese Customer Experience

At BJT, we are guided by omotenashi , the spirit of hospitality and selfless service. We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience to ensure the best results for our clients.  

 High Quality Lessons

Our team of native Japanese and bilingual American instructors possesses a deep understanding of the languages and cultures of Japan and the United States.  This cross-cultural network allows us to deliver high-quality lessons to our students.


Flexibility on content, timing, pacing and location means your lessons are tailored completely around your life!  Our lessons are tailored to fit your schedule and needs, creating a truly personalized online learning experience.  

 Local instructors that can respond quickly

Many of our instructors are based in the United States and can respond quickly to your needs and provide you with a smooth learning experience. You can easily schedule lessons without worrying about time differences!


Services Overview

For Corporate Clients
Are language barriers preventing your employees from achieving their true potential?  Do you often hear from your employees that they don’t understand why their Japanese or American coworkers do things in a certain way? Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT) can help! At BJT, we offer customized group and private lessons in order to meet the specific needs of our corporate clients.  Through customized cross-cultural education and training your employees will be able to more effectively collaborate and build important relationships with their counterparts. We also offer affordable and friendly translation, editing, and interpretation services.
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For Individual Clients
Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT) is here to offer support to individuals looking to become bilingual in English and Japanese.  We offer a wide variety of customized, private lessons designed to support each clients’ personalized goals.  This could be anything from daily conversation practice to helping you prepare to ace the JLPT.  Lessons are tailored to not only achieve individual goals, but also to teach in a way that matches your learning style.  Are you interested in Anime? Your BJT instructor will work with you in order to create a personalized plan so that you can learn Japanese while enjoying your favorite show! No matter what your interests or reasons for wanting to learn the Japanese language are, BJT will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Getting Started

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